President/Executive Director - Kathleen Agena:

Kathleen Agena has served with the United Nations Environment Program, U.S. Steering Committee for the United Nations World Conservation Strategy, U.N. Economic and Social Council, UNICEF, U.N. Special Sessions on Disarmament, U.S. Agency for International Development, World Bank, American Planning Association, International Council on Educational Development, and Council on Economic Priorities.   


Ms. Agena has written on foreign affairs, the environment, human rights, and culture for the New York Times, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, Chicago Sun-Times, Pittsburgh Post-Dispatch and Hearst News Network.

Intern:: Andrew Mitchell, B.A. Political Science, Dartmouth College


Dr. Lee Ann Rutkovsky

President, The Impact Fashion Hub

Michael Tip ( a "Lost Boy of Sudan")

Meridian Management Boston

Devinder Singh 

 Bank of America  (Board Member)

Caleb Mulu

Biochemist,  B.S. Old Dominion University